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Offering a flexible reward plan shouldn't only be about offering personalized benefits to your employees. When working with the Flex Reward Tool, you are also simplifying the HR department's tasks and making your company stand out from the crowd.


We understand that you would like to offer your employees a more attractive and flexible reward and mobility package. With us as your partner, who can assist with the implementation from A to Z, you can work with an innovative tool to decrease the administrative burden for HR and other stakeholders and enable your employees to choose benefits in a user-friendly, intuitive and secure manner. 

What are the benefits of the Flex Reward Tool for your organization?

  • Designed for you and adjustable to your specific needs.
  • Tax & legally compliant.
  • Dashboards and extensive reporting available.
  • Integrated SaaS (software as a service) solution.
  • Our Total Reward Statement can be easily extended to other countries.
  • Strong focus on budget neutrality of the plan, taking into account all costs.
  • Mobility is key in each Flexible Reward Plan: as mobility experts, we can help you to make your mobility plan even stronger and more attractive.
  • Our tool is flexible: we can for example work with cash or credits.
  • We have a very good relationship with many suppliers of benefits, however we remain objective and independent.


What are the benefits for your employees?

  • Our web-based solution is accessible from multiple devices
  • Advanced user experience.
  • Efficient and intuitive reward planning.
  • Transparent overview of salary and benefit package with the Total Reward Statement.
  • Multilingual platform.
  • Clear communication with practical info sheets per benefit.
  • Single sign on is possible.


Want to know what the Flex Reward Tool can mean to you and your employees? Click here to find out more about our multidisciplinary approach or here to learn more about the tool itself by requesting a personal demo.


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